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Blog entry 26 March 2018


In the past weeks I have made a business trip to China, where I visited Beijing University of Technology (BJUT), Tsinghua University, and met up with my former postdoc Wei Tian. The photo of the plaque on the left was presented to me after the talk at Tsinghua. It is always good to see other places and reflect on how they see performance, and how a different context provides another perspective. My view on electric vehicles and all-electric buildings has definitely shifted during this trip.



Blog entry 8 March 2019


The 10 Questions Paper in Building and Environment as mentioned in my entry from 27 February is now available online. Elsevier provide a link to disseminate that to my own network, with the first 50 downloads for free. If anyone reading this blog is interested, you can access this via:




Blog entry 27 February 2019


Nice news: I have a new paper accepted, as follows - de Wilde, P. (2019).  Ten questions concerning building performance analysis. Building and Environment This paper sits in the BAE '10 Questions' initiative, which all deal with special topics within the built environment area and address the research needs in the area. Questions are proposed and answered by the author. The aim of the initiative is to provide a series of papers that are visionary and authorative, and which highlight research priority in the area. Having a '10 Questions' paper should help raise the profile of the work on building performance. As always, feedback is welcome via pieter[at]




Book launch date and availability


Today, 10 July 2018, I received my own author copies of the book from the publisher. It is very exciting to have the final product on my desk, after all those years of hard work. I understand that those who have ordered directly from Wiley can expect the book anytime now; the release date via the major online retailers now shows as 20 July 2018. I look forward to hear from those who get a copy, both in terms of delivery as well as, of course, deeper feedback on the content of the work.




IBPSA Webinar - Building Performance Analysis: a brief book introduction


On Thursday 31 May 2018,  Pieter de Wilde presented a webinar to introduce the  book on Building Performance Analysis. This webinar has been recorded and can now be viewed online via the IBPSA University Channel on Youtube. 



Inaugural Lecture on Building Performance Analysis, 10 May 2018 (Plymouth, UK)


On Thursday 10 May, Pieter de Wilde gave his inaugural professorial lecture. This is now available on Youtube. 


The synopsis of the lecture is below:


Buildings are all around us, and are crucial to our daily life - they provide the space for living, working, shopping, relaxing and many other activities we undertake. Because of this, we often take them for granted. We have no problem to get a contractor to make major changes to our buildings, or to go to the local do-it-yourself store and intervene in buildings ourselves. Yet when studied closely, buildings are surprising complex. Most buildings are unique, bespoke products that provide a myriad of functions, are relevant to many different stakeholders, consist of a wide range of systems and technologies, have a long life span in comparison to other human-made objects and are often the subject of significant changes in the way they are used.


Building performance analysis is the domain within building science that studies how well a building and its systems provide the tasks and functions expected of that building. It covers a wide range of issues, such as energy efficiency, daylighting, thermal comfort, indoor air quality, occupant well-being and health. As modern society is strongly focussed on performance and efficiency, there is an increasing interest in building performance. Yet there are still many gaps in our knowledge on the subject.


This lecture gives an overview of the domain of building performance analysis. It explores the underlying drivers that give urgency to the study of building performance, the different approaches for quantifying building performance, and sets an agenda for teaching and research on the subject.



Building Simulation 2017, 7-9 August 2017 (San Francisco, USA)


In August, the 15th IBPSA Building Simulation conference took take place in San Francisco in the USA. The event included a presentation on "The concept of building performance in  building performance simulation - a critical review", which provided a gentle introduction to the book on Building Performance Analysis. During the conference Pieter de Wilde was made a Fellow of IBPSA (FIBPSA).  Moreover, the paper “A Method for Automated Generation of HVAC Distribution Subsystems for Building Energy Performance Simulation” by Aurelien Bres, Florian Judex, Georg Suter and Pieter De Wilde (based on the PhD work of Aurelien Bres at TU Vienna) was awarded the  Best Paper Award at conference, winning in a field with well over 300 papers and more than 750 participants from 44 nationalities.



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