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There is a lot of information about building performance on the internet. However, as with all material on the web, quality varies, and some material may have a commercial bias. Below is a list of some recommended sources on the subject that I have collected over the years.




Websites of associations in the area of building services/HVAC:

  • IBPSA, International Building Performance Simulation Association
  • ASHRAE, American Association of Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Engineers
  • CIBSE, Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers


Homepage of ISO, the International Organization for Standardization, with information and access to a widerange of standards.


ASTM International Building Standards.

ASHRAE's High Performing Buildings Magazine (online).

Event guide

A good way to get on top the most recent developments in the field is to attend conferences and workshops. Problem is, there are so many! And even worse, these day there also are predatory events that are only after your registration fee and have nothing to show for it!

To help get you started, below is a list of bona fide events that I regularly visit, with a brief description and link to the upcoming iteration.



EG-ICE Workshops
The European Group for Intelligent Computing in Engineering hosts a three-day workshop every year. The focus ison a wide range of civil and building engineering issues, including building simulation, building informationmodeling, machine learning and others. The workshop is small (30 to 50 delegates) who present in a single sessionso that all work is discussed by all delegates. Good papers from the workshop proceed to a special issue in Advanced Engineering Informatics, the official journal of EG-ICE. Upcoming and recent EG-ICE workshops:

EG-ICE 2021: Berlin, Germany
EG-ICE 2020: virtual event
EG-ICE 2019: Leuven, Belgium


IBPSA-World Building Simulation Conferences
The 'Building Simulation' conference series is the main biennial event hosted by the International BuildingPerformance Simulation Association. This is a large conference, with previous events having over 700 delegates. Contributions are from academics in the field of building performance simulation, predominantly in the area of thermal building behaviour but also covering lighting, indoor air quality and acoustics, as well as from practitionersin those fields.
Upcoming and recent Building Simulation conferences:
BS2021: Bruges, Belgium
BS2019: Rome, Italy
BS2017: San Francisco, USA






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