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This website is manageged by Pieter de Wilde, Professor at the Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, University of Strathclyde in the UK. Pieter is an expert in building science, with a focus on thermal aspects. He has a PhD from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, in the area of Building Physics. His main research emphasis is on thermal building performance simulation, and its use in the building services and engineering community. He also has an interest in building performance monitoring in the actual day-to-day context of buildings, which enables critical reflection on the validity of computational results, and their meaning in building design, operation and facility management practice.  All of this has provided the foundations for a wide interest that covers all aspects of building performance.

Promotion TU Delft, 2004

Within this wider context, Pieter is recognized for his work on the ‘energy performance gap’: the mismatch between predicted and measured building energy efficiency. His paper in Automation in Construction from 2014 on the subject has been widely cited. In general, Pieter now takes the position that there are different kinds of performance gaps, and these have a wide number of root causes. Amongst these causes is a mismatch between anticipated and actual building occupancy. In the area of building occupant behaviour, Pieter observes a range of patterns, which range from highly random (such as research students in a lab) to highly structured and predictable (such as patient flows in an operating theatre).


Pieter is the recipient of the IBPSA Outstanding Young Contributor Award 2003, and held a Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Research Fellowship 2012-2013. He is Director-at-Large and Vice President of IBPSA, and immediate past chair of EG-ICE. He sits on the editorial board of the academic journals Advanced Engineering InformaticsApplied Energy, Energy and Buildings, and the Journal of Building Performance Simulation. He has published over 270 publications, including a major monograph on the subject of Building Performance Analysis (Wiley, 2008). He has personally attracted over £3.8m in research funding from a range of funding sources such as the UK Research Councils, European Union and industry. He has a strong national and international network with connections to the USA, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Korea, Turkey, China and others, all in terms of joint research, publications and research student supervision. Pieter has been a member of the EPSRC Peer Review College since 2017. 

Atlanta Skyline - image from time as postdoc at GeorgiaTech (2001)

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