BPA: the Book 

A core text on the subject of building performance analysis is the book with the same title, published with Wiley in 2018. This book, which took 4 years to write, presents a comprehensive and systematic overview of the subject. But it is not for the faint hearted: it consists of 11 chapters, and weighs in at 226k words and 640 pages. It offers a deep review of the state-of-the-art on building performance, citing over 1600 references.


Full details of the book are as follows:


Title:        Building Performance Analysis

Author:     Pieter de Wilde

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

ISBN:         9781119341925


First edition published 2018

© John Wiley & Sons Ltd



The book is the second book to be endorsed by IBPSA, the International Building Performance Simulation Association.


A full table of contents is provided here to allow visitors of the site an overview of the material. You can also access the book page by Wiley on the internet.


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