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As scholar in the field of building performance, I come across a number of things that keep challenging me. One is sloppy terminology. But there are others. Below is a white paper about what is becoming almost the standard opening of every paper and thesis that lands on my desk; please have a look and try to avoid some of the issues mentioned.

Challenges in framing building energy research
This document is a "white paper" that discusses some of the issues often encountered in student work and submissions to conferences, journals and funding bodies. It is hoped that reading the white paper will help authors to frame their work appropriately.
Challenges in framing building energy re[...]
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To the author of the peer-reviewed manuscript
This white paper is a summary of the comments that I often have to make when reviewing submissions to journals, conferences, or when examining dissertations or PhD theses. These are made available on the internet in order to help prospective authors prevent issues later down the line. Let's improve writing performance as well as building performance!
To the author of the peer-reviewed manus[...]
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