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Title:          Building Performance Basics

Author:      Pieter de Wilde

Publisher:  Amazon

ISBN:        9798442720129


First and second editions published in 2022

© Pieter de Wilde


Building Performance Basics aims to introduce building performance to students at BSc and MSc level. It also serves as a primer for those entering the industry, and as refresher for those who are already in practice but want to sharpen their view. The book deals with the core questions about building performance: Why is it important? What exactly is it? Where does it play a role? When are there opportunities? Who should champion building performance? How do we quantify it? and How much performance should we aim for? The book provides a solid foundation for further professional development and learning about building performance, and for claiming leadership about building performance in practice.


In academic courses, Building Performance Basics is an excellent companion guide to modules that introduce students to hands-on performance quantification efforts using simulation, measurement and occupant surveys. In industry, this book can be used at any time where there is a wish to refresh a role as building performance champion.


The first edition of Building Performance Basics was published in April 2022. A second edition, which responds to some feedback received, followed in June 2022. The second edition adds exercises, a bibliography, some words on optimization, and a brief lists of tools that can be used to assess building performance. Further feedback and input for future editions is always welcome, so that the book can develop in response to the needs of the community,


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